Veeam On-Line Calculators

We’ve tried to collate the most useful Veeam On-Line calculators in one place.
These tools have been developed by Veeam Engineers but are not officially sanctioned and should be used as a guide to designing and planning you Veeam infrastructure.

Timothy Dewin, Senior Systems Engineer, Technical Sales NE EMEA has produced a number of tools of the last few years. Firstly we have the Restore Point Simulator, which is great for working out the disk capacity requirements given a particular scenario. Obviously this doesn’t take in to account any additional Dedupe, Compression or Block Cloning capabilities of the underlying hardware > Restore Point Simulator

Are you able to bend Time and Space to fit your enormous backup job in to the tiniest slither of time? We here’s a very quick and simple Capacity vs Time calculator. for you > Backup transfer Time / Volume Calculator

Finally from Timothy we have a tool to help calculate the requirements for a VBR platform given a number of VMs (attached disks) and a maximum backup time window. Why not give Virtual Architect a go.

Having problems trying to size up your VRB Proxies and Repositories from a CPU and Memory point of view? Try this this great tool from Hannes Kasparick – Senior Systems Engineer, Vienna, Austria > VBR Sizer

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