Veeam Hub

This new site has been launched in August 2016 “dedicated to the latest technology related to Veeam, including expert blog posts, experimental apps, tools, and things to make life better”. This should be a great place to get code / scripts to make Veeam integrate with your environment.

VeeamHub has been created with the goal to collect, maintain and share different software creations related to Veeam. Powershell scripts, VMware vRealize Orchestrator workflows, and other software projects are already shared there. Note that the code in VeeamHub is community supported, but NOT officially supported. Even if some Veeam people is involved, the software shared over VeeamHub is not supported nor guaranteed by Veeam Software. Think about it more as a community project to offer to everyone a central platform to share the code.

All we can say, is good luck guys and the more Veeam knowledge out there the better. Visit


Read the background article by Luca Dell’Oca here.