Why did we form a UK Usergroup?

The UK User Group first formed early 2016, as a joint effort between three passionate Veeam ‘users’, it’s no surprise that we are all Veeam Vanguards too, in recognition of our vocal/public support for the product suite over a number of years.

Our first event was in September 2016 in Edinburgh, our aim is to hold 3 or 4 events per year spreading them evenly across the UK with Scotland, the North West, and London our main focus. We are officially recognised by Veeam and have lots of personal contacts with the organisation stretching back a number of years – this is especially useful for when we request some ‘Veeam’ presence. They are very supportive, but equally allow us to run the group completely independently from them with no hidden agendas nor content direction. As such, we are self funded through sponsorship and would treat Veeam as yet another sponsor. For sponsorship options please see our dedicated page, our website sponsorship helps us ‘keep the lights on’ between events.

So who are we anyway?

Our Events?

Our intention is to move around the country covering the main population areas, and spreading the Veeam knowledge. Our launch party was in Scotland back in September 2016 – with the North West, London and back to Scotland pencilled in for 2017.